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last updated 20th May 2017


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Variety / Reference


Size (cm)

Price UK Pounds each



Aka Matsuba 4 40 £395.00 -

Beautiful and very clean Aka Matsuba, pastel cherry red when mature, these are very good two year olds.

Tancho Kohaku 1 40 £395.00

Super Tancho Kohaku female 40cm with good body shape and excellent white skin.

Koi Carp
Shiro Utsuri 5 22 £395.00

Gorgeous Jumbo Tosai Tateshita Shiro Utsuri from Omosako. For those of you who have seen his adult Koi, you will know what these young Koi can turn into.

Koi Carp
Kin Ki Utsuri 1 40 £395.00

Kin Ki Utsuri, metallic yellow Utsuri, unusual but very popular. The Sumi develops with age and water hardness.

Koi Carp
Kohaku 1 40 £395.00

Super Kohaku with striking pattern 40cm.

Koi Carp
Kikasui 1 40 £395.00

Striking and oh so bright Nisai Kikasui - beautiful.

Koi Carp
Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri 2 34 £395.00

Shiro Utsuri Nisai from the worlds no 1 breeder, Omosako - The Sumi on these Koi is inky black, the whites are snow white and his Koi develop soo well, they just continually improve.

Koi Carp
Doitsu Yamatonishiki 1 40 £395.00

The Doitsu metallic Sanke, Nisai - beautiful.

Koi Carp
Gin Rin Showa 1 32 £395.00

Gin Rin Showa male Jumbo Tosai from Sakuma .

Koi Carp
Tancho Showa 1 30 £395.00

Jumbo Tosai Tancho Showa female from Sakuma - Great potential.

Koi pictured right reserved

Koi Carp
Doitsu Showa 2 35 £395.00

Excellent and very bright Nisai Doitsu Showa from Sakuma. Still of course to develop but these will be stonking adult Koi

Koi Carp
Shiro Utsuri 2 32 £395.00

Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri Nisai from the worlds no 1 breeder, Omosako - The Sumi on these Koi is inky black and the white snow white, and its the contrast that makes the Shiro so good.

Koi Carp
Kujaku 1 35 £395.00

Beautiful face pattern on this Nisai Kujaku from Omosako.

Koi Carp
Shusui 1 40 £325.00

Excellent Nisai Shusui from Niigata.

Koi Carp
Hi Utsuri 3 40 £295.00 -

Large two year olds of this firm favourite, deep Sumi pattern on pure deep orange skin - from Niigatas no 1 breeder who regularly gets this variety to close to 1 meter long - and some of the bigest Koi you will ever see in Japan.

One sold

Showa 4 38-40 £295.00 -

Excellent young Showa with strong Sumi and Hi markings - two year olds.

Doitsu Sanke 4 35- 40 £295.00 -

Stonking Doitsu Sanke, clean crisp markings, ebony Sumi - great body shapes.

One sold

Tancho Kohaku 2 35 £295.00

Jumbo Tosai Tancho Kohaku male from Sakuma.

Koi Carp
Doitsu Kohaku 1 38 £295.00 -

Clean and clear Hi marking on snow white background - beautiful nisai.

Kigoi 2 38 £295.00

Pure pastel yellow and red eyes - an old fast growing variety which is now very popular.

Showa 2 25 - 30 £295.00

Fabulous Taishita Jumbo Tosai Kindai Showa from Kazuto.

Doitsu Lemon Hariwake 3 35 £250.00

Nisai Lemon Hariwake, strong colouration and oh so bright. You will not find better examples, from Niigatas no 1 breeder.

Koi Carp
Gin Shiro Utsuri 1 36 £250.00

A rare form of the Shiro Utsuri, Metallic skin, not Gin Rin. Nisai

Koi Carp
Gin Rin Ochibe Shigure 1 37 £250.00

Gin Rin Ochibe, fast growing and friendly. Nisai

Koi Carp
Gin Rin Hi Utsuri 2 30 £250.00

Excellent Nisai Gin Rin Hi Utsuri with very strong Gin Rin scalation which makes them absolutely shine.

Koi Carp
Jumbo Tosai Kohaku 2 30 £225.00

Super Jumbo Tosai Kohaku from Sakuma.

Showa 2 35 £225.00

Traditional Nisai Showa still developing, and excellent young Koi.

Koi Carp
Doitsu Kohaku 4 30-35 £225.00

The ever popular version of the Kohaku, the lack of scales makes the patterns sharper.

Koi Carp
Sanke 1 35 £225.00

Nisai Sanke, a really good example of the type.

Koi Carp
Doitsu Lemon Hariwake 8 30 -38 £225.00 -

Probably our most popular Koi Variety, bright Lemon yellow pattern on pure silver - so bright - these are beautiful examples from Japans undisputed no 1 breeder of the type - newly harvested only in early December 2016..

One reserved (Not shown)


Shiro Utsuri 1 25 £225.00

Tateshita Jumbo Tosai Shiro Utsuri from Shizuoka.

Sanke 1 36 £225.00

Nisai Sanke with sumi markings still developing and with well balanced pattern.

Doitsu Purachina 1 35 £225.00

Nisai Doitsu Purachina, pure metallic white - thats it - so bright.

Koi Carp
Ochiba Shigure 3 35 £225.00

Ochiba a re fast growing and friendly, with that Autumn leaves on water pattern these are Nisai

Koi Carp
Kin Matsuba 1 35 £225.00

Metallic Gold Matsuba, super scale reticulation, clean head and strong metallic lustre.

Koi Carp

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