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High Grade Japanese Koi Carp

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last updated 11th July 2024

Our first Koi shipment for 2024 has now completed quarantine. Videos and pictures of most of our Koi are available to view on our web site, Dropbox site and Facebook.Click here to view. You can now buy your dream Koi via Paypal and spread the cost over three months - Call or email for details!.

High Grade Japanese Koi Carp 


We generally stock all sizes of Koi from 4-26" and pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality at affordable prices. All imported Koi are fully quarantined prior to sale, and we are able to offer advice and assistance in all aspects of husbandry.


Koi Water Garden



All our Koi are hand picked by us in Japan - even where possible the babies. We DO NOT buy on consolidation.


We specialise in the more unusual varieties, such as Kumonryu, Beni Kumonryu, Koromo including Budo Goromo and Goshiki and a wide range of metallic and Doitsu varieties. You will not find a wider range of high grade Japanese Koi varieties on offer anywhere in the UK.


Trips to Japan

Each year in Spring and Autumn, we travel to Japan to choose Koi stocks for our customers and our own stocks from the very best breeders in Niigata and elsewhere. We purchase larger Koi to meet specific customer requirements relating to variety, pattern, breeder, size and budget, but also buy in stocks of many varieties and sizes to suit most budgets.


Click here for more details of stocks from our latest trips. To View the videos of all the Koi purchased on our latest trip simply click on the link!



Japanese Traditional Dress

Above: Japanese traditional costume - Golden Temple Kyoto



Above: Show grade Showa


Saki Hikari Koi Food

Above: Saki Hikari Koi Food

Koi related equipment

As well as a fabulous range of Japanese Koi stocked, we also offer a wide range of Koi related dry goods, such as Pond Pumps, Filtration systems, Koi Foods, Koi health products and Pond additives, specialist medication, heating systems , a full range of plumbing components and fittings - in fact everything you would ever need to build and maintain a 'proper' Koi Pond.


But not only do we 'sell' equipment, on our site you will find a wealth of information and advice telling you 'How To' choose the right equipment, solve Koi related health problems, and how to prevent problems occurring in the first place. The equipment we offer has not been chosen and included because it maybe the cheapest, or the most expensive, but because it is the best equipment that we have used and tested, and we know it does what it says on the tin.


New Shop facility


In addition to pages of, what we think is helpful advice, we are always happy to provide advice and information on an individual basis if required to help resolve any issues the reader may have relating to any Koi related topic whether it be help with the construction of a pond or the care and well being of Koi Carp


Dedicated to Japanese Koi Carp

Situated in the beautiful Chilterns, our facility (above and below) is set in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, between High Wycombe and Henley on Thames. We are located 15 minutes from Junction 4 of the M40 and 6 miles north of Henley on Thames. You will find us here.


Our New Koi house with all ponds undercover

Above: All of our koi ponds are now undercover


We currently operate with 11 ponds ranging from 500 to 5,000 gallons capacity, mostly undercover, and always carry a substantial stock of Japanese Koi, regardless of the time of year in sizes ranging from 4 inches ( 10cm ) up to 30 inches ( 75cm ) and at prices generally ranging from £20 upwards.

If you are thinking of building a pond, and starting to keep Koi, then we stock everything you will need and can advise and assist all the way through your project so that you can be sure of using the correct materials, equipment and methods right from the start.


Pond Build in Progress

Above: Pond Build in Progress. 


Combination Filter

Above: Combination Filter. 



Above: Show grade Yonsai Kohaku.