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Koi Carp from Koi Water Garden Ltd.

We offer high grade Japanese Koi Carp only.

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last updated 30th January 2020


We now accept Paypal! Our new Koi from Japan have completed quarantine and can now be delivered or collected. Please note our current water temperatures are 15 deg C. with a pH of 8.2 and KH 12 DH. Vidoes of most of the new Koi are available. Click here to view. . Videos also available directly on our Facebook site.

Variety / Reference


Size (cm)

Price UK Pounds each



Goshiki 1 60 £2795.00

Superb Three year old Female Goshiki 60cm. This is a typical example of an older style of Goshiki which will retain a white banding or pattern betwen the Sumi and Beni. Now all too rare.

Kindai Showa 1 62 £2595.00

Kindai style Sansai Female Showa 65cm

Doitsu Kohaku 1 60 £2295.00

Superb sansai female Doitsu Kohaku with flowery pattern - cherry red over pure white.

Kohaku 1 64 £1995.00

Beautiful sansai female Kohaku from Torazo 64cm with a superb body shape - and frankly a bargain at this price/quality

Gin Rin Showa 1 57 £1895.00

Gin Rin Showa female 52cm. Sansai - beautiful

 Gin Rin Showa
Kindai Showa 1 58 £1495.00

Sansai Kindai Showa female, with beautiful light pattern and excellent body shape. 58m.

Kanno Goshiki 2 45 £1495.00

Sensational Kanno Nisai Goshiki. Beautiful flowery Beni patterns are a trade mark of Kanno, who is accepted as the best Goshiki breeder in the world. These are of course unfinished at this stage, but will develop into beautiful Kuro Goshiki within 2 years.45cm.

Shiro Utsuri 1 55 £1495.00

Sansai Shiro Utsuri female 55cm - snow white skin and inky black Sumi - susperb

Maretan Showa 1 58 £1395.00

Sansai Maretan Showa female, with beautiful pattern and excellent body shape. 56m.

Kindai Showa 1 58 £1295.00

Sansai Kindai Showa female, with beautiful light pattern and excellent body shape. 58m.


Tancho Sanke 1 59 £1295.00

Sansai Tancho Showa female, super head spot, snow white skin and balanced sumi pattern.59cm.


Doitsu Sanke 1 60 £1195.00

Sansai Doitsu Showa female, with beautiful light sumi pattern . 60m.

Ki Utsuri 1 52 £995.00

Nisai Ki Utsuri female with very well balanced pattern over rich but light yellow. 52m.

Shiro Utsuri 3 47 £895.00

Sansai Shiro Utsuri, all female, with snow white skin and ebony sumi - stonking quality. 47cm.

Kujaku 1 55 £895.00

Beautiful Three year old female Kujaku. 55cm.

Yamabuki Ogon 1 55 £895.00

Bright and light sansai Yamabuki Ogon female 55cm

Tancho Kohaku 1 58 £895.00

Superb Jumbo Nisai Tancho Kohaku from Torazo, excellent white skin and super head spot.

Tancho Goshiki 1 56 £895.00

Sansai Tancho Goshiki female - beautiful head spot and of course the Sumi yet to develop fully. 56m.


Hanna Shusui 1 53 £895.00

Sansai Hanna Shusui female, with beautiful pattern and excellent body shape. 53cm.

Shusui top reserved

Sandan Kohaku 1 53 £795.00

Sansai Sandan Kohaku female, great body shape, excellent white skin and deep, rich beni. 53cm.

Kohaku 1 52 £795.00

Jumbo Nisai Nidan Kohaku male, Great white skin and rich red Beni 52m.

Doitsu Kohaku 1 50 £795.00

Sansai Doitsu Kohaku female with Maretan pattern and excellent white skin.

Goshiki 1 45 £795.00

Sansai Goshiki 45cm

Gin Rin Kigoi 1 50 £795.00

Sansai Kigoi female 50cm. Pastel metallic yellow with red eyes. Spooky

Doitsu Sanke 1 45 £795.00

An excellent example of a Doitsu Sanke. Female, sansai - 45cm

Doitsu Showa 1 42 £795.00

Superb Nisai Doitsu Showa female, with that classic scolloped pattern and laquered finish. 42cm.

Sanke 1 59 £695.00

Sansai Female Sanke 55cm

Kikasui 1 50 £695.00

Beautiful and very bright Kikasui with excellent patterns - sansai to 50cm.

Kujaku 1 42 £595.00

Nisai Kujaku female. 42cm.

Tancho Showa 1 42 £595.00

Nisai Tancho Showa female. Pure white skin and good head spot.

Goshiki 2 48 £595.00

Nisai Goshiki with excellent Beni patterns and Sumi still developing these are very good examples of the type.

Ochiba Shigure 1 42 £595.00

Nisai Ochiba Shigure femal. Great pattern!.


Kikasui 3 46 £595.00

Stunning Nisai Kikasui - so bright and clean.

Koi bottom left reserved

Doitsu Kohaku 1 45 £595.00

Super Nisai Doitsu Kohaku 45cm.

Tancho Sanke 1 43 £495.00

Super Nisai Tancho Sanke female 43cm.

Kohaku 1 45 £495.00

Nisai Maretan Kohaku 45cm excellent crown!.

Goshiki 1 40 £595.00

High grade Goshiki Nisai 40cm


Goshiki 2 40 £595.00

Excellent Sansai Goshiki 45cm

Goshiki 1 40 £495.00

Nisai Goshiki, tategoi type, as yet unfinished but with super prospects.

Kohaku 1 45 £495.00

Super Nisai Kohaku 45cm.

Koi Carp
Tancho Kohaku 1 45 £495.00

Super Nisai Tancho Kohaku 45cm.

Koi Carp
Showa 1 46 £495.00

Super Nisai Showa 45cm.

showa middle picture reserved

Koi Carp Koi Carp Koi Carp
Sanke 1 45 £495.00

Super Nisai Sanke from Sakuma 45cm.

Koi Carp

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