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Koi Water Garden Ltd

Our history and philosophy


last updated 22nd October 2014

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Koi Water Garden Ltd.


Koi Water Garden Ltd was formed in 1996 in order to supply high quality Japanese Koi to both trade and retail customers in the UK.
Our aim has always been to supply high quality Koi at 'sensible' prices, and to achieve this we travel to Japan at least twice a year to select our stocks from reputable breeders all over Japan. We do not buy stocks on consolidation as, in our experience, quality and health can both be questionable.

We have built up good relationships with our suppliers in Japan and work with one of the countries top agents to ensure that we can source, purchase and transport our Koi back to the UK without problems.

Our market has developed into dealing in the more unusual Koi varieties, particularly Doitsu, Gin Rin and newer varieties as high quality examples are always rare and in demand.

Doitsu Showa
This superb example of a Doitsu Showa was purchased in Oct 2002.

Among our favourites are Kumonryu and Beni Kumonryu, Doitsu Showa and Sanke, Goshiki, Beni Kikokuryu, Kikasui and Budo Goromo.
Beni Koki
Tategoi Beni Koki purchased in Nov.2003

Same Beni Koki in April 2004. -and still not finished !

We spend a considerable time on each trip searching for new breeders as, in our experience, there are still many undiscovered suppliers of very high grade Koi whose prices are very reasonable, particularly in the Niigata area.

Our Koi are all quarantined for between 4 and 8 weeks on our premises and we do not release any new fish earlier than this unless our customers can demonstrate that they have adequate quarantine facilities. In our view, all new Koi should be quarantined for at least another month after purchase to ensure a minimum of health issues.

There can always be, of course, instances of sickness with particular fish in any Koi shipment, but these tend to make themselves apparent shortly after arrival in the UK, as the journey from Japan is particularly stressful. This is a further reason why quarantine and an appropriate treatment regime is, in our view, absolutely essential.

Because all our Koi are hand picked from specific farms in Japan we can however be very sure of the health of all stocks of Koi at the farm in question before we purchase and in this way, many potential problems can be avoided.

We have always been pleased to select specific Koi for our customers during our visit to a given requirement (budget, variety, pattern, size, etc.,) and in so doing can land very high quality koi at minimum cost. Please note however that we can only choose specific koi which are at least 2 years old. Recommended minimum budget £195.

As well as supplying high quality Japanese Koi of any size and age, we also grow on young Koi that we have specially selected in our 33,000 gallon semi natural growing on facility. This not only provides a source of 'value for money' young Koi for the beginner or for water gardeners who want high grade Koi at the lowest possible cost, but it also help us understand the development process of Koi generally, because welfare and husbandry requirements, especially when growing on young Koi is, if nothing else, a constant source of learning.

We keep our own private collection of Koi on site, a collection which has been built up over 20 years, and some of these are used for breeding purposes. It is in fact the management, care and expansion of this private collection which eventually led to the birth of Koi Water Garden Ltd.


A very high grade Kikasui

The experience gained over 20 years in all aspects of Koi care has been of paramount importance in running our current enterprise and we have always practised what we preach!

We are confident in the care and management of our Koi because over 20 years we have made all the mistakes and learnt from them, and one of the objectives of our business is to help prevent the unsuspecting hobbyist from making all the same mistakes.

As well as our Koi, we also supply a wide range of dry goods such as Koi foods, specialist medications, filtration systems and related equipment from our premises in Buckinghamshire and by mail order.

We only stock and supply products that we have used and tested ourselves and used over a long period to prove that the products we offer provide the advertised benefits. This is particularly important with medications, and the specialised products we sell all have very specific uses in Koi husbandry and are invaluable for the medicine cupboard of the serious Koi keeper.

We have never claimed or wanted to offer every version of every product from different manufacturers, as in our experience this can be confusing to the customer. We only stock what we believe to be the best in each product range, regardless of price so that we can positively recommend particular equipment based on performance and value for money - and not just because it happens to be the cheapest!

We now offer a Koi care clinic in which we visit customers ponds to advise on Koi health matters and if necessary carry out health checks and appropriate treatments, including administering a wide range of medications if required.

In addition (and only when we have time!) we offer a pond design and construction service and provide advice on all areas of filtration.

If you are looking for high quality Koi with a reasonable budget, Koi foods , Koi related dry goods, Japanese garden accessories or simply good advice and a friendly welcome then please pay us a visit - you will not be disappointed.

Koi Water Garden Ltd.

Dormer Cottage,

Spurgrove Lane,

Little Frieth,

Nr Henley on Thames,



Phone/Fax 01494 882600

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