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Saki Hikari food - Combination Packs

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality Koi, but also on Koi related goods such as Koi foods, and here you will find undeatable deals on combination packs of one of the worlds top Koi food ranges.


last updated 14th June 2024


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How to feed your Koi correctly - which foods, how much, and how often

Developed to reduce or eliminate many of the problems associated with keeping and breeding Koi, Saki-Hikari is the worlds first and still most advanced probiotic Koi diet. The result of many years of research, development and extensive experience with leading Japanese Nishikigoi breeders, Saki-Hikari is now available to hobbyists worldwide.


The secret of Saki Hikari. All of the Saki-Hikari diets include a beneficial living bacteria named the Hikari germ. This is a strain of Bacillus bacteria which proliferates in the Koi's intestine and brings many benefits. The result is extraordinary digestion, a consistent increased rate of growth, less pollution of the pond water and healthier Koi. The Hikari germ are a form of probiotics, the benefits of which are well documented in the human diet (e.g. Yoghurt and Yakult) as well as in livestock breeding and aquaculture.


The Hikari germ process. The Hikari germ works in four stages. First when a diet containing the Hikari germ is fed, the bacteria breed in the intestine. Secondly the Hikari germ creates increased levels of digestive enzymes, which significantly improve the Koi's ability to digest the food, and thereby utilising more or the beneficial content of the food, and causing less solid waste. Thirdly, because the Hikari germ is probiotic, these friendly bacteria out compete any 'bad bacteria' present for a food source, and these pathogenic bacteria naturally decrease. Lastly, less waste produced in the digestive process means less pollution in the pond, and therefore better, more consistent water quality. Also the probiotic actions of the Hikari germ continue to be of benefit, even when expelled by the Koi and continue to help break down waste products and organic sludge in the pond.


There are now seven formulae in the range:-

Saki Hikari is available as a Balance diet, Balance type "R" ,Colour, Growth, Multi season, Multiseason type "R" and now two additional specialist diets - Saki Hikari pure white and Saki Hikari deep red. Both the balance and growth diets are also available as a sinking pellet.


All the diets contain the Hikari germ, wheat germ inner kernel, Spirulina and many important vitamins. Guaranteed analysis minimum 40% crude protein, between 6 and 9% crude fat, 1% crude fibre, 10% moisture and between 15 and 17% crude ash.


Owing to the probiotic nature of these Koi foods, any of the formulae can safely be given at water temperatures down to 5 deg C.


Most of the diets in the range are available as a 2kg, 5kg and 15kg pack size - the exceptions to this are the Pure White and Deep Red diets which are currently only available in 5kg sizes, the Balance type "R" which is currently available only in a 15kg pack size and the Multiseason tpe "R" which is currently only available in a 2kg size.


Saki Hikari Combo Packs

A really economical way to purchase combinations of Saki Hikari - one of the best food ranges in the world in our view - now available at discounted prices when purchasing a mix of formulae. Choose any pack size in pretty much any combination in order to get exactly the mix you want - there has never been a more economical way to buy the worlds best Koi food!

Pellet size 4-5mm approx


Note that you can now easily substitute all combination packs containing 15kg Balance and have the 15kg Balance type "R" instead for just an extra £14.95!


If you would like a different combination of pack formulae and/or size not shown on this page then please call us or contact us so we can quote you the best price for your own personal combination.



Saki Hikari 2kg plus 2kg Combo Packs

Pack Size Price
2kg Balance and 2kg Colour £80.95
2kg Balance and 2kg Growth £75.95
2kg Balance and 2kg Multiseason £80.95
2kg Growth and 2kg Colour £87.95
2kg Growth and 2kg Multiseason £87.95
2kg Colour and 2kg Multiseason £92.95



Saki Hikari 5kg plus 2kg Combo Packs

Pack Size Price
5kg Balance and 2kg Colour £120.95
5kg Balance and 2kg Growth £114.95
5kg Balance and 2kg Multiseason £120.95
5kg Growth and 2kg Colour £131.95
5kg Growth and 2kg Multiseason £131.95
5kg Growth and 2kg Balance £121.95
5kg Colour and 2kg Multiseason £149.95
5kg Colour and 2kg Growth £143.95
5kg Colour and 2kg Balance £139.95
5kg Multiseason and 2kg Colour £147.95
5kg Multiseason and 2kg Growth £136.95
5kg Multiseason and 2kg Balance £132.95



Saki Hikari 5kg plus 5kg Combo Packs

Pack Size Price
5kg Balance and 5kg Colour £177.95
5kg Balance and 5kg Growth £159.95
5kg Balance and 5kg Multiseason £174.95
5kg Growth and 5kg Colour £188.95
5kg Growth and 5kg Multiseason £186.95
5kg Colour and 5kg Multiseason £203.95



Saki Hikari 15kg plus 2kg Combo Packs

Pack Size Price
15kg Balance and 2kg Colour £206.95
15kg Balance and 2kg Growth £202.95
15kg Balance and 2kg Multiseason £206.95
15kg Growth and 2kg Balance £218.35
15kg Growth and 2kg Colour £236.95
15kg Growth and 2kg Multiseason £236.95
15kg Colour and 2kg Multiseason £278.95
15kg Colour and 2kg Growth £267.95
15kg Colour and 2kg Balance £263.95
15kg Multiseason and 2kg Balance £259.95
15kg Multiseason and 2kg Colour £269.95
15kg Multiseason and 2kg Growth £263.95
Subsitute Balance 15kg type "R" for Balance 15kg £12.95



Saki Hikari 15kg plus 5kg Combo Packs

Pack Size Price
15kg Balance and 5kg Colour £264.95
15kg Balance and 5kg Growth £245.95
15kg Balance and 5kg Multiseason £262.95
15kg Growth and 5kg Balance £254.95
15kg Growth and 5kg Colour £292.95
15kg Growth and 5kg Multiseason £290.95
15kg Colour and 5kg Balance £299.95
15kg Colour and 5kg Multiseason £326.95
15kg Colour and 5kg Growth £311.95
15kg Multiseason and 5kg Balance £295.95
15kg Multiseason and 5kg Growth £307.95
15kg Multiseason and 5kg Colour £328.95
Subsitute Balance 15kg type "R" for Balance 15kg £12.95



Saki Hikari 15kg plus 15kg Combo Packs

Pack Size Price
15kg Balance and 15kg Colour £389.95
15kg Balance and 15kg Growth £347.95
15kg Balance and 15kg Multiseason £385.95
15kg Growth and 15kg Colour £417.95
15kg Growth and 15kg Multiseason £413.95
15kg Colour and 15kg Multiseason £449.95
Subsitute Balance 15kg type "R" for Balance 15kg £12.95







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