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Koi Carp from Koi Water Garden Ltd.

We offer high grade Japanese Koi Carp only.

Check out our koi stocks page here for details on great Koi costing between £279 and £399. All our koi are hand picked by us in Japan and we do not purchase on consolidation or from wholesalers.


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last updated 2oth January 2022


We have been buying from the latest Autumn harvest in Japan! All the new Koi have now completed quarantine. Videos and pictures of most of the new Koi that we have purchased will be uploaded regularly on our web site, Dropbox site and Facebook. here to view. COVID-19 Update. We are operating to our published business opening hours. We are however still asking visitors to wear face masks for the duration of their visit in an effort to protect each other we and thank you for your contnued understanding.

Variety / Reference


Size (cm)

Price UK Pounds each



Aka Matsuba 4 38cm £395.00

Super Aka Matsuba Nisai.

Aka Matsuba
Tancho Goshiki 1 35cm £395.00

Super Tancho Goshiki Nisai.


Tancho Goshiki
Ki Matsuba 1 38cm £395.00

Rare Ki Matsuba Nisai.

Ki Matsuba
Ki Utsuri 1 38cm £395.00

Super Ki Utsuri Nisai.

Ki Utsuri
Gin Rin Ki Utsuri 2 38cm £395.00

Super Gin Rin Ki Utsuri Nisai.

Gin Rin Ki Utsuri
Showa 5 408cm £395.00

Super Kindai Showa Nisai.

Goshiki 3 38cm £395.00

Super Goshiki Nisai.

Goshiki Goshiki
Tancho Goshiki 1 38cm £395.00

Super Tancho Goshiki Nisai.

Tancho Goshiki
Gin Rin Tancho Goshiki 1 38cm £395.00

Super Gin Rin Tancho Goshiki Nisai.

Gin Rin Tancho Goshiki
Shiro Utsuri 5 42cm £395.00

Shiro Utsuri Nisai.

Three reserved

Shiro Utsuri
Shusui 1 38 £395.00

Nisai Shusui.

Gin Rin Showa 1 44cm £395.00

Super Gin Rin Showa 44cm.

Gin Rin Showa
Doitsu Showa 1 40cm £395.00

Superb Doitsu Showa from Niigatas no 1 breeder 40cm.

Doitsu Showa
Doitsu Sanke 1 40cm £395.00

Super Doitsu Sanke from Niigatas no 1 breeder to 40cm.

Doitsu Sanke
Doitsu Showa 2 38cm £375.00

Doitsu Showa Nisai.

Doitsu Showa Doitsu Showa
Kikasui 1 38cm £375.00

Kikasui Nisai.

Hi Utsuri 3 38 £295.00

Nisai Hi Utsuri.

Hi Utsuri
Gin Rin Hi Utsuri 2 35 £295.00

Nisai Gin Rin Hi Utsuri.

Gin Rin Hi Utsuri
Shusui 3 35 £295.00

Nisai Shusui.

Showa 5 35 £295.00

Nisai Showa.

one reserved

Showa 5 35-40 £295.00

Nisai Showa.

one reserved

Showa Showa
Kujaku 2 35 £295.00

Nisai Kujaku.

Doitsu Kujaku 2 35 £295.00

Nisai Doitsu Kujaku.

Doitsu Kujaku
Gin Rin Matsakawabake 1 35 £295.00

Nisai Gin Rin Matsakawabake.

Gin Rin Matsakawabake
Kikasui 1 35 £295.00

Nisai Kikasui.

Kohaku 5 35-40 £295.00

Nisai Kohaku.

3 reserved

Yamabuki Ogon 4 35 £295.00

Nisai Yamabuki Ogon.

Yamabuki Ogon
Budo Goromo 2 30-35 £295.00

Nisai Budo Goromo.

Budo Goromo
Gin Matsuba 4 30-35 £295.00

Nisai Gin Matsuba.

Gin Matsuba
Doitsu Showa 3 35-39 £295.00

Nisai Doitsu Showa.

1 reserved

Doitsu Showa
Doitsu Kujaku 3 30-35 £295.00

Nisai Doitsu Kujaku.

Doitsu Kujaku
Doitsu Showa 3 35-40 £295.00

Nisai Doitsu Showa.

Doitsu Showa
Snow Asagi 3 30-35 £295.00

Nisai Snow Asagi.

Snow Asagi
Beni Kumonryu 2 30-35 £295.00

Nisai Beni Kumonryu.

Beni Kumonryu
Doitsu Hariwake 2 35 £295.00

Nisai Doitsu Hariwake.

Doitsu Hariwake
Chagoi 4 30 £295.00

Nisai Chagoi.

Gin Rin Chagoi 4 30 £295.00

Nisai Gin Rin Chagoi.

Gin Rin Chagoi
Beni Kikokuryu 4 30 £295.00

Nisai Beni Kikokuryu.

Beni Kikokuryu Beni Kikokuryu Beni Kikokuryu Beni Kikokuryu
Gin Rin Tancho Goshiki 1 30 £295.00

Nisai Gin Rin Tancho Goshiki.

Gin Rin Tancho Goshiki
Doitsu Showa 1 33 £295.00

Nisai Kuchibeni Doitsu Showa.

Doitsu Sanke
Goshiki Kujaku 1 30 £295.00

Nisai Goshiki Kujaku - very rare!.

Gin Rin Benegoi 2 40 £295.00

Nisai Gin Rin Benegoi.

Gin Rin Benegoi
Lemon Hariwake 1 350 £295.00

Nisai Lemon Hariwake.

Doitsu Lemon Hariwake
Gin Shiro 1 37 £295.00

Nisai Gin Shiro - female.

Gin Shiro
Gin Rin Kigoi 3 30-35 £295.00

Nisai Gin Rin Kigoi.

Gin Rin Kigoi
Gin Rin Benegoi 1 35 £295.00

Nisai Gin Rin Benegoi.

Gin Rin Benegoi
Kohaku 2 35 £295.00

Super Jumbo Tosai Kohaku from Sakuma.

Jumbo Tosai Kohaku
Goshiki 3 35cm £295.00

Excellent Goshiki Nisai from Niigata 35cm

Beni Kumonryu 2 40cm £295.00

Super Nisai Beni Kumonryu - great striping and strong Sumi.

Beni Kumonryu Beni Kumonryu
Doitsu Ochibe 2 35cm £295.00

Rare and sought after Doitsu Ochibe Nisai 30-35cm

Doitsu Ochiba Doitsu Ochiba
Doitsu Sanke 1 40 £295.00

Super Nisai Doitsu Sanke with crisp laquered patterns.

Doitsu Sanke
Doitsu Sanke 3 35 £295.00

Super clean Nisai Doitsu Sanke 35cm.

Koi in lower picture reserved

Doitsu Sanke Doitsu Sanke
Doitsu Sanke 5 32 £295.00

Super Nisai Doitsu Sanke, the colours and patterns are always so sharp 32cm.

Doitsu Sanke Doitsu Sanke
Beni Kikokuryu 1 35 £295.00

Super Nisai Beni Kikokuryu.

Beni Kikokuryu
Ochiba Shigure 3 36 £295.00

Nisai Ochiba Shigure.Two femalas, 1 male

Ochibe Shigure
Showa 2 25cm £295.00

Beautiful Jumbo Tosai Tatishita Showa from Sakuma

Showa Showa Showa
Doitsu Yamatonishiki 1 38 £295.00

One of the brightest metallic Koi varieties, the Doitsu metallic Sanke

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