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Pond Finishing

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality koi, but also on koi related goods such as pumps, filters, pond paints, pond liners and other accessories.


last updated 25th October 2022


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Carriage is free on most dry goods orders of £100 or more to most mainland UK postcodes. Free delivery applies to orders of over £100 that can be packed in one box of under 25kgs - Note that second and subsequent boxes will be charged at the normal rates - we will confirm carriage charges to be levied before we ship. Please note that calculated carriage charges apply to deliveries to England, Wales and parts of Scotland. For deliveries to Scottish Highlands, Ireland and Islands please see our dry goods delivery charges page or contact us for a carriage quotation.


G4 Pond sealer

G4 is a single part air drying polyurethane finish which is used on rendered surfaces in order to seal out lime and provide a gloss or satin finish to pond walls and floor. It is simple to apply with brush or roller and is normally applied in two or three coats. 2nd and subsequent coats must be applied whilst the previous coat is still tacky. When using coloured G4, use two coats of clear followed by two coats of colour to provide the necessary depth of colour. Should only be applied to clean, dry surfaces. Clear - cost per Square metre approximately £17.50. Cost per square metre of coloured G4 finish is approximately £25.50.





G4 Clear

Three coats recommended of Clear - cost per Square metre approximately £17.50

Pack size Price
1 kg £33.50
2.5 kg £67.50
5 kg £108.50
25 kg £447.00
G4 Pond Sealer

G4 Coloured

Available in green or black. Specify colour when ordering. When using coloured G4, 4 coats are recommended, 2 of clear and 2 of coloured. Cost per square metre of coloured G4 finish is approximately £25.50.

Pack size Price
1 kg £47.50
2.5 kg £99.50
5 kg £180.50
25 kg £675.00





Aquacote is a superb two part epoxy finish comprising a coloured basecoat and coloured top coat (black, blue, grey, clear or green). It can be applied with a normal paint roller in stages (no need to finish the entire job in one go!) and will last a lifetime. Acts as a water proofer and sealer, gives a fantastic finish as good as fibreglass and at a quarter of the cost, and with none of the risks of fibreglass toxicity. Completely fish safe, pond can be filled and fish added within 48 hours of application. Can be applied to damp surfaces. Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces including wood, metal, cementitious renders, brick, stone and concrete. Full application instructions are provided with this product. Aquacote would cost approximately £15.50 per square metre of finish using the recommended two coat system (1 x base coat and 1 x top coat)




Aquacoted pond green


Examples of the outstanding finish achievable with Aquacote (above and right). One 2kg pack of Aquacote will cover 6-10 sq metres depending on the surface being covered. The Clear product is somewhat thinner in consistency and will generally cover a larger area.


We recommend Clear as the best primer/base coat Normal application : - one coat of base coat, then one coat of top coat. Further coats can be added if required.


Surface preparation. All surfaces recommended as suitable for application should be as dry as possible and free from all loose materials and grease, oils or other chemicals. Rendered surfaces must be allowed to cure fully before application. Provides excellent finish to fibreglass surfaces instead of normal gel coat - avoids any risk of polluting water with styrenes so commonly found with fibreglass finishes.



Colour Price


 Black Aquacote on pond

Please note there are fixed delivery charges for all Aquacote orders depending on quantity ordered. This is £28.00 for up to 3 packs and £54.00 for 4-7 packs - For greater quantities we will confirm exact costs by return email.  This fixed carriage charge is levied by all carriers as the material is classed as hazardous and the freight charges will NOT show in the shopping cart correctly.




Gold Lable Pond Paint

Brand new water based aquatic paint system which is easy to apply using a roller, spray or brush. Supplied as a two part system, which can be used as required.

  •  No primer needed
  •  Two to three coats required.
  •  Must be applied to dry surfaces
  •  Water based, so easy to apply
  •  Cures in 12 hours
  •  Long shelf life
  •  Packed in easy to mix bucket
  •  Up to 8 sq metres per Litre coverage on smooth surfaces


Supplied in Clear, Black, White, Green, Blue, Bath Stone, York Stone, Dark Grey and Light Grey - Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray

Pack Size Price
1 Litre
2.5 Litre
5 Litre
 Gold Lable Pond Paint

All surfaces recommended as suitable for application should be as dry as possible and free from all loose materials and grease, oils or other chemicals. Rendered surfaces must be allowed to cure fully before application. Cost per square metre using the recommended two coat system is approximately £8.00

Silver Label sealer

Silver Label is a special grade of Aquarium Silicone - Specially formulated for Fish Tank Construction/Repair. It is Non Toxic, Solvent Free, Easy To Use Supplied in a tube ready for application using a skeleton gun



Pack Size Price
310ml black £9.95

Gold Lable Pond Sealer

Fantastic bonding and sealing material for butyl rubber, vinyl, glass, plastic, ceramic. stone concrete and brick and can be used wet or dry. Yes it can even be applied under water and will cure correctly, bonding any or all of the above materials together. Ideal material for all liner repairs and provided a very strong bond for all pond applications. Colour Clear or Black. Supplied in a "one shot" form complete with built in applicator (no gun required) or in a larger 290ml size tube ready for application using a skeleton gun

Clear makes and ideal sealer for threads etc, black will provide a very strong bond.


Pack Size Price
75ml One Shot Clear £11.95
75ml One Shot Black £11.95
290ml Clear £20.95
290ml Black £20.95
 Gold Lable Sealer

Plastic reinforcing fibres.

Used to reinforce and waterproof sand/cement render and concrete. These are not fibre glass strands, unlike other materials, but plastic fibres. They are safe and easy to handle and gloves are not required. Widely used in civil engineering construction projects for years, because concrete and render reinforced with plastic fibres is ideal for damp or wet construction projects - such as ponds. Massively increases strength of applied renders, make structure waterproof and helps avoid cracking. One bag of fibres is sufficient for 2 full mixes. We suggest a full mix in a barrow type mixer is 4 buckets sand to 2 buckets cement. 2: 1 mix. The recommended mix is one part soft sand to one part sharp sand to 1 part cement. Add fibres to the mix last and ensure they are well distributed. There is no need to use plasticiser. It is recommended that one coat of render is applied only.



Pack Size Price
0.9kg £14.50

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