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Images from Japan

Over the last 16 years or so, travelling on Spring and Autumn buying trips to many different parts of Japan, we have amassed a considerable library of pictures relating to Japan and our wonderful hobby.

Here, we would like to share some of those images and memories with you. Maybe we can whet your appetite to visit this wonderful country, if you have never been before.


Last updated 22nd October 2014

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Snow on the Mushigame mud pondsAbove: Snow over the Mushigame mud ponds
The Sakuma FamilyAbove: Sakuma Family at Tea
Dainichi Koi HouseAbove: A Dainichi Koi House
Dusk over YamakoshiAbove: Dusk over Yamakoshi
Emperors Palace TokyoAbove:The Emperors Palace Tokyo
Mount FujiAbove: Mount Fuji in April
Doitsu Aka Matsuba OgonAbove: A Magnificent Doitsu Aka Matsuba Ogon
Health and Safety Japanese styleAbove: Health and Safety Japanese Style
Hamematsu CastleAbove: Hamematsu Castle
Hilasawas new Koi houseAbove: Hilasawa (Seitero) new Koi Warehouse
Koi Museum Ojiya CityAbove; Koi Museum Ojiya City
Fabulous Shiro Utsuri from KanekoAbove: Show winning Shiro Utsuri from Kaneko, Niigata
Kaneko and his FatherAbove: Kaneko and Father
Kyoto TaxiAbove: Taxi Kyoto style
Netting Koi at HosokaiAbove: Netting Koi at Hosokai
Kyoto lakeAbove: Kyoto Lake
Kyoto Temple ShrineAbove: Kyoto Shrine
Kyoto Temple LanternAbove: Kyoto Temple Lantern
Marudoh and his WifeAbove: Marudoh and his Wife
Matsuo in ShizuokaAbove: Matsuo, his Mother and Myself (Shizuoka)
Miyashis House NiigataAbove: Miyashis House in Niigata
Niigata mud pondAbove: Niigata Tosai Mud Pond
Narita TempleAbove: Narita Temple
Yamezakis new Koi HouseAbove: Yamezakis new Koi House
Niigata view at MushigameAbove: View over Mushigame - Niigata
Otsuka moving KoiAbove: Otsuke moving Koi
Ofuchi Family at Harvest timeAbove: Ofuchi Family at Harvest Time
HiroshimaAbove: One of only 4 buildings left standing after the Atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima - now a permanent monument
Deep snow in NiigataAbove: They have up to 4 metres of snow in Niigata over Winter
Tosai in stock pondAbove: Tosai Stock Pond - take your pick!
Dainichis mammouth new Koi houseAbove: Dainichis mamouth new Koi House
Hoshide Koi FarmAbove: Lunchtime at Hoshide Koi Farm
Golden Temple KyotoAbove: Golden Temple in Kyoto
IzumiyaAbove: Izumiyas Koi House
Hoshide Stock PondsAbove: Stock Ponds at Hoshide
Hoshide Koi FarmAbove: Hoshide Koi Farm
Sakuma treating KoiAbove: Sakuma treating Koi
Above: Pond of dead fish after the earthquake of 2004
Bullet train de-railed during earthquakeAbove: The only bullet train ever to have come of the rails - during the 2004 earthquake
Tancho KohakuAbove: A fabulous 3 year old Tancho Kohaku purchased in Niigata
Dragon fountain at Kyoto TempleAbove: Famous Dragon fountain in one of the Kyoto Temple Gardens
Entrance to Kyoto TempleAbove: Entrance to a Kyoto Temple Garden
Tanaka after the earthquake of 2004Above: Tanaka, Niigata the day after the 2004 earthquake
Kyoto ShrineAbove: Kyoto Temple Shrine
Narita Fish FarmAbove: Massive Narita Fish Farm
Sakuma an Maruyama - IsawaAbove: Sakuma and Maruyama in Isawa

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