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Koi Pond Filter systems - Filter media

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality Koi, but also on Koi related goods such as complete pond filter systems and filter media.


last updated 27th January 2024

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Filter Brushes

Nylon brushes in a stainless steel wire. Still one of the cheapest and most effective mechanical filter medias available. Simple to clean and will remove quite small solids and will prevent blanket weed and other detritus from passing through to the biological stages of your filter.


Size Price
16" x 8" £4.25
Filter brushes

Japanese Matting

One of the best filter medias available, light, easy to clean, completely free flow and will not clog. Supplied as sheet approx. 35mm thick.  Custom cartridge can be made to order - prices available on request

Size Price
1m x 1m £49.95
1.2m x 1m £62.95
2m x 1m £92.95
Japanese filter matting


Excellent biological filtration media with huge surface area and comparatively light weight. Very economical media which matures quickly.




Size Price
15kg sack £29.50
Alphagrog filter media

Crystal Bio Ceramic media

Excellent biological filtration media with absolutely massive surface area and comparatively light weight. Matures quickly and super efficient. Reduces Temporary hardness in water (KH) to help improve skin quality of Koi and reduce shimmies. Fantastic value for money as up till recently ceramic media came only from Japan and cost the earth. Ideal for main filters and trickle towers.



Size Price
50 litre £129.50
100 litre £205.50

Kaldnes K1 Plus

K+Media provides a class leading overall surface area of 1,350m2 per m3 with a vast protected surface area of 1,025m2 per m3. Minerals, magnesium, calcium, salt and enzymes are incorporated into K+Media during the extrusion process to speed up filter maturation times. The design and structure of K+Media allows a stable bio-film to form quickly. K+Media is designed and manufactured in the UK by Evolution Aqua. This advanced media, with its innovative design, and class leading surface area provides enhanced biological and mechanical filtration. As the new media is extruded, Minerals and Enzymes are added to the raw material. The result of this process, unique to Evolution Aqua, is a filtration media that not only outperforms most of its competitors due to its large protected surface area, but also answers the problem of how to speed up the time taken to mature a bio-filter. The result means that K+Media will mature much faster than many other types of media. Kaldnes K1 Plus is a buoyant media.


Pack Size Price
25 Litre box £52.50
50 litre sack £89.95
100 Litre sack" £166.50
 Kaldnes K1 Plus

Kaldnes K1 Micro

The amazing new mechanical media which will improve water clarity in a standard Nexus dramatically , a much smaller version of the original K1 media to improve mechanical filtration and despite forming a much denser filter media en mass, will not easily block, but is capable of removing very fine solids and is still self cleaning.


Kaldnes K1 micro is a buoyant media. Available as a standard part of the new Nexus 220 and 320 series. Not suitable in Nexus products manufactured prior to 2006. Not suitable for the bio chamber of any Nexus product.


Pack Size Price
25 Litre box £69.95
50 litre sack £114.95
 K1 Micro media

Oase Helix Media


This new floating polypropylene media has a massive surface area of 955 sq. m. per cu. m. media which will improve the biological performance of any filter with which it is used. Designed to be used as a moving bed media, may be used as a static, mechanical media if desired. Completely self cleaning when used as a moving bed.


Pack Size Price
25 Litre bag £54.95

Filter supprt

Filter support tray, 16 x 27 inches 1cm thick. Strong enough to support most filter medias without additional supports being required. Easily cut to shape.


Size Price
16" x 27" £5.95
Filter support tray

Filter support sheet

Filter support sheet material, 1m x 1m x 3mm thick. Perforated with small circular holes.Ideal for medias such as Kaldnes K1 and other small medias. Will need extra support over large areas. Easily cut to shape.


Size Price
1m x 1m x 3mm thick £44.50

Filter sacks

Ideal for holding media such as Alphagrog, Ceramics, or other loose fill material - makes it easy to remove and clean both the media and the filter chamber!


Size Price
55cm x 85cm £1.25
Filter sack 

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