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last updated 11th April 2020


Japan Koi Buying trips

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on high grade top quality Japanese Koi in all sizes, and travel to Japan twice per year to seek out the very best Koi from the Autumn and Spring harvests. . On this page you will find pictures and videos access to all of our new Koi from our most recent buying trip.


Our next buying trip will be Autum 2020. Videos will be posted on most newly purchased Koi  - click here to view. . Videos will also be available on our Facebook site. Please note that many of the Koi pictured on this page from our last buying trip - Autumn 2019 will now have been sold - Please check the main web site pages for current stock availability



Japan Trip - Autumn 2019. 

24th October - 2nd November


Keep in touch with all the new Koi we are buying on our latest buying trips to Japan - and reserve your Koi before we even get home!

This page contains bowl pictures of many, but not all of the Koi purchased on our buying trips to Japan.. If you are interested in any our new Koi please email us at , or call our office and we will confirm costs and availability.

Unless otherwise indicated all Koi advertised on this page will be available for sale. We will try to update each picture with those Koi reserved to keep the page as up to date as possible. All major credit cards accepted! - see what's new for details. 


It can easily take us three weeks or so after we return from a buying trip before we start to photograph and post individual Koi pictures on our web site as we allow the Koi to settle in and de-stress before attempting to get good pictures. This can be frustrating for non-local customers, who cannot easily visit us, and who patiently wait for pictures to appear only to find that the Koi they were interested in has been sold before the pictures appear. So on this page, you can get a good preview of most of the Koi we are choosing and buying before we get home, and certainly way before the better quality individual pictures start appearing.


Click View the videos which should take you straight to our video library. No downloading is necessary so access is fast. We will also be loading videos straigh on to our Facebook page - apologies if you are not particularly Facebook literate - join the club - but posting picys and videos is quick and easy and finding them to view is also easy so I have had to move with the times!


To purchase any Koi PLEASE ring our offices on 01494 882600 and give our staff the box number if available and details of the specific Koi in which you are interested. We will require a 50% deposit to be paid before any Koi can be reserved, with the balance payable at the end of the quarantine period, normally four to six weeks after arrival in the UK.


Please note that to be absolutely fair, when two or more customers enquire/wish to reserve the same Koi, the one that pays the deposit first will be allocated that Koi.

Please also note that if you reserve any Koi you are committing to purchasing that Koi. We cannot reserve Koi on the basis that you will confirm the purchase only after viewing. However should any Koi reserved arrive damaged or otherwise obviously not as pictured then of course you will not be expected to complete the purchase and your deposit will be refunded or you may choose another Koi. Please download our full Koi reservations terms and conditions here.


Tancho Kohaku

Above: A High grade Tancho Kohaku previously purchased in Japan


Above: A show grade Shiro Utsuri purchased in Niigata

Our Blog has moved!

We are now writing our daily Blog on Facebook, simply to save me time and keep me sane. Upating both web pages and Facebook every day takes hours and so we have decided to post still pictures on the this, the Japan trips page of the main web site and the Blog and videos on Facebook and DROPBOX. So please follow us here if you enjoyed reading the blog!


Above: Sak Box 1 a. Tancho selection 25cm - £125.00 - £195.00

Varieties included: Tancho Kohaku and Gin Rin Tancho Showa

All sold

Above: Sak Box 1 b. Doitsu Showa female 37cm - £395.00

Above: Sak Box 1 c. Stunning Kikokuryu female 37cm - £395.00


Above: Sak Box 1 d. Doitsu Showa male 37cm - £275.00


Above: Sak Box 2 a. Doitsu Showa female 37cm - £395.00

Above: Sak Box 2 b. Gin Rin Tancho Showa female 37cm - £395.00

Above: Sak Box 2 c. Tancho Showa female 37cm - £495.00


Above: Sak Box 2 d. Doitsu Kindai Showa female 37cm - £495.00


Above: Sak Box 2 e. Doitsu Showa male 37cm - £275.00


Above: Sak Box 3. Super Sandan Kohaku 55cm Jumbo Nisai - £795.00

Kohaku now now reserved

Above: Hiroi Box 1. Doitsu Sanke, Kohaku and Gin Rin Goshiki Nisai 45cm - £595.00

Doitsu Sanke and Gin Rin Goshiki reserved

Above: Nag Box 1 a. Superb Nisai Maretan Kohaku female 45cm - £595.00

Above: Nag box 1 b. Tancho Sanke Nisai female 42cm - £595.00

Above: Nag Box 1 c. Super Nisai Tancho Showa female 43cm - £595.00


Above: Nag Box 2 a. Beautiful Sansai Kindai Showa female 60cm - £1295.00


Above: Nag Box 2 b. Super Sansai Kohaku female 55cm - £795.00


Above: Mats Box 1 a. Tancho Kohaku and Kumonryu 20 -25cm - £95.00

Beni Kumonryu bottom and all Tanchos sold

Above: Mats Box 1 b.Mix Nisai 20 - 25cm - £95.00

Varieties include Kujaku, Goromo, Lemon Hariwake, Gin Rin Hi Utsuri and Gin Rin Benegoi

Lemon Hariwake, kujaku top left and bottom right reserved

Above: Mr Ku Box 1. Stunning Shiro Utsuri Sansai females 40cm - £895.00

one reserved

Above: Mr Ku Box 2. Nisai Yamabuki Ogon and Shusui to 30cm - £125.00 - £150.00

All sold

Above: Kaneko Box 1 b. Ai Goromo and Gin Rin Matsakawabake Nisai 35cm - £275.00

Goromo top and Matsakawabake bottom reserved

Above: Iwashita Box 1.Beautiful Hanna Shusui Sansai females 50cm + - £895.00

Shusuis both sold

Above: Sack Box 1. Nisai Yamabuki Ogon and Kujaku 35 - 38cm - £295.00

All sold except Kujaku bottom

Above: Sack Box 2 a. Excellent Nisai Kindai Showa females 35cm - £395.00

Both sold

Above: Sack Box 2 b. Superb Kikasui Nisai 35cm - £395.00

Kikasui both reserved

Above: Sack Box 2 c. Maretan Ai Goromo Nisai 38cm - £395.00

Above: Jiro Box 1 a. Super Sansai Beni Kikokuryu female 48cm - £595.00


Above: Jiro Box 1 b. Nisai Kumonryu 30cm. - £225.00

Above: Jiro Box 1 c. Superb Jumbo Nisai Asagi female 53cm - £695.00


Above: Seki Box 1 a. Exhibition quality Sansai Beni Kikokuryu female 50cm. - £1295.00

This is a stunning example of the Beni Kikokuryu - now an established variety,


Above: Seki Box 1 b. Nisai Goshiki and Snow Asagi. 30cm - £275.00

All goshiki sold

Above: Shinoda box 1. Large Nisai Hi Utsuri, with Doitsu Kohaku and Gin Rin Showa.35cm - 40cm. £295.00 - £395.00

All reserved

Above: Yam Box 1.Gin Rin Hi Utsuri, Ochiba and Doitsu Sanke Nisai 30 - 35cm - £175.00 - £275.00

Gin Shiro. Gin Rin Hi Utsuri top and Doitsu Sanke above resreved

Above: Yam Box 2. Ochiba, Gin Rin Hi Utsuri and Gin Matsuba Nisa 35cm - £295.00

Gin Matsuba top and Gin Rin Hi Utsuri reserved

Above: Yam Box 3.Superb Sansai Doitsu Sanke female 60cm - £1195.00

Above: Marusaka Nisai Kikasui, Kujaku and Beni Kikokuryu to 38cm - £295.00

Above: Ofuchi Box 1 a. Superb Sansai Maretan Showa 56cm - £1395.00

Above: Ofuchi Box 1 b. Beautiful Tancho Sanke Sansai 59cm - £1295.00


Above: Ofuchi Box 2 b. Budo Goromo and Doitsu Lemon Hariwake Nisai to 38cm - £295.00

Above: Ofuchi Box 2 a. Tancho Mix. Beni Kikokuryu, Hariwake and Sakura Ogon 30 - 36cm - £195.00 - £295.00

Tancho Beni Kikokuryu £295 (2), Tancho Lemon Hariawake £195, and Tancho Sakura Ogon £295. Sakura Ogon is a Doitsu Metallic Kohaku.

All sold

Above: Yageng Box 1 a. Excellent Nisai Showa 40cm - £395.00


Above: Yageng Box 1 b. Super Nisai Asagi 42cm - £395.00

Both Asagi reserved

Above: Hiroi Box 1 a. Superb Doitsu Showa Nisai 45cm - £795.00

Above: Murata Box 1. Stunning Nisai Kohaku female with very special pattern displaying thepure white skin. 55cm £1295.00


Above: Tak Box 1. Nisai Showa and Doitsu Sanke to 38cm - £275.00

All three Showa in this box and Doitsu Sanke bottom right reserved

Above: Tak Box 2. Nisai Gin Rin Showa, Kohaku and Ochiba to 38cm. - £275.00

Ochiba and Gin Rin Showa right reserved

Above: Tak Box 3 a. Nisai Doitsu Showa and Doitsu Sanke to 38cm - £275.00

All Koi in the above box now reserved

Above: Tak Box 3 b. Nisai Kohaku to 38cm - £295.00

Above: Seji Box 1. Super Nisai Beni Kumonryu 25cm - £175.00

Above: Seji Box 1 b. Nisai high grade Showa 25cm - £175.00

All now reserved

Above: Seji Box 1 c. Nisai high grade Maretan Beni Kumonryu 25cm - £295.00


Above: Kanno Box 1 a. Kanno Nisai Goshiki - stunning - to 40cm £1495.00

Kanno is the best Goshiki breeder in the world today and his Koi are all stunning quality - expensive but fabulous!

Koi left in picture reserved

Above: Kanno Box 1 b. Superb Kanno Nisai Tancho Goshiki 45cm - £795.00

Classic Kuro Goshiki in Tancho form from the worlds no 1 breeder.


Above: Kan Box 2 b. Nisai Kujaku, Tancho Showa and Ochiba, all female to 45cm - £595.00

Ochiba and Tancho Showa reserved

Above: Seji Box 1 d. Nisai high grade Beni Kumonryu 30cm - £395.00


Above: Koide Box 1. Nisai Tancho Kujaku 30cm - £595.00

The elusive Tancho Kujaku - a very special Koi!

Above: Mar Box 1. Nisai Chagoi to 40cm - £295.00

Koi third from top reserved

Above: Mar Box 2 a. Superb Jumbo Nisai Asagi female 55cm - £1195.00

Super white face and cherry red cheeks and already 55cm as Nisai!


Above: Mar Box 2 b. Nisai Tancho Kohaku female 50cm - £1295.00

Snow white skin and very good central head spot.

Above: Shinoda Box 2. Stonking Doitsu Showa and Sanke Nisai 35 - 38cm - £395.00

All Koi in this bowl now reserved

Above: Otsuke Box 1. Nisai Aka Matsuba, Kin Matsuba, Asagi 35 - 38cm £395.00


Kin Matsuba and three Aka Matsuba above reserved

Above: Otsuke Box 2. Aka Matsuba, Ki Utsuri, Tancho Goshiki, Asagi 35 - 40cm - £395.00

All Koi in bowl above now reserved

Above: Yangeng Box 2. Superb Nisai Kikasui to 45cm - £595.00

Kikasui bottom left sold

Above: Otsuke Box 3. Aka Matsuba Nisai female 57cm £1295.00


Above: Hoso Box 1.Nisai Asagi, Gin Shiro and Hi Utsuri 35 -38cm - £275 - £395.00

Gin Shiro and Hi Utsuri £275.00

Hi Utsuri and all Asagi reserved

Above: Yam Box 4. Nisai Lemon Hariwake, Gin Rin Purachina and Gin Rin Ochiba to 38cm £295.00

Gin Rin Purachina and Hariwake reserved

Above: Koda Box 1. Jumbo Nisai Tancho Goshiki female and Kohaku 52 - 56cm - £795.00 - £895.00

Tancho Goshiki £895.00 and Kohaku £795.00

Tancho Goshiki reserved

Above: Seki Box 2. Super Nisai Kuro Goshiki and Beni Kumonryu - 38cm £395.00

All Goshiki plus Beni kumoryu top right reserved.

Above: Otsuke Box 4. Female Nisai Ki Utsuri 50cm - £995.00

Above: Otsuke Box 5. Nisai Kin Matsuba and Chagoi 35cm £275.00 to £325.00

Chagoi £275.00

Kin Matsuba all reserved

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