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Koi Pond Additives

At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality koi, but also on koi related goods including many types of pond additives. We only stock products that we have tried and tested and indeed continue to use with our own Koi stocks. At Koi Water Garden, we are able to offer competitive prices on not only high quality Koi, but also on Koi related goods such as Koi foods, food supplements and automatic feeders.


last updated 18th September 2019

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JPD Mud Booster

JPD Mud Booster is a high-grade ultra fine powdered Montmorillonite Clay which is found naturally in the mud ponds and mountains of Niigata in Japan and contains many naturally occurring minerals. In our Koi ponds it provides many trace elements that Koi need for proper development. Helps to remove solid waste from the water, improves skin quality, appetite and Koi health. Can be added to food as well as to the pond water for maximum advantage and aids digestion when used directly with food. Dose 30 - 50gm per 1000 gallons per week. Cannot be overdosed




Pack Size Price
1.5kg £34.50
10kg £139.95

FOK Bio Factor VL

Fok Bio Factor VL improves water clarity & quality Improves growth, bone & scale strength, colour and your Koi's appetite. Reduces blanketweed- Japan's No.1 water additive 50g treats 2200 gallons. Fok Bio Factor VL is the most widely used conditioner in Japan. Fok Bio Factor VL promotes good water quality whilst speeding fish growth by use of water purification bacteria and mineral content. FOK Bio Factor VL enhances colour & lustre on your Koi, helps bone & skin growth. Cannot be overdosed




Pack Size Price
1.5kg £29.50
 FOK Biofactor

Kusuri Bio Balance

Bio balance is a natural blend of minerals designed to stabilise the pond pH level and increase/stabilse the temporary hardness (Alkilinity) of pond water.

Bio balance is a mineral, not a chemical. Bio balance is ideal for use in low alkaline soft water conditions (extremely low levels of hardness are also know to be detrimental to Koi health beacause Koi cannot osmo-regulate easily in very soft water). Bio balance will stabilize an eco system facilitating less pH "swing". Using Bio-balance can increase KH and pH in a short period of time, and once the desired level is achieved very small mainteance doses should only be required. 


Use Bio balance as a KH regulator - 25 grams per 1000 gallons of water per day until desired KH is reached. Repeat whenever required. 


Pack Size Price
Bio Balance 1kg £12.95
Bio Balance 3kg £29.95
Bio Balance 11kg £79.95

Stress Coat

Stress coat has been specifically designed to protect koi from harmful toxins in water and is ideal to use when quarantining new koi or for transportation to help overcome the stress associated with poor water or transit. We use this marvellous product when transporting koi to our customers. Contains Aloe Vera to help sooth and protect the body and gills from many common irritants. Will also neutralise Chlorine and Chloramines in tap water and protect Koi from skin and gill damage in less than perfect water. This another product which does exactly what it says on the tin!.




Pack Size Price
480ml £12.50
946ml £24.50
 API Stress Coat

Microbe Lift

We are distributors of the world renowned Microbe lift products from Eco Laboratories in the USA. These naturally cultured products all contain different blends of aerobic bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria (those that use light as a source of energy), anaerobic bacteria and chemosynthetic organisms. Eco laboratories are the only company that have been able to culture these products, in house, and largely in the containers they are sold in. This is because the organisms only grow synergistically, representing a virtual ecosystem in a bottle. These cultures coexist and flourish, and this is the way they work in your pond - together, and this is also why the products have massive shelf lives - up to 5 years. As they are all cultures of naturally occurring forms of micro-organisms, they cannot be overdosed, are all completely safe to use with all pond fish and plants, and importantly they can be used together, if required, as they are not chemicals. Most importantly, these products are not only among the very best of their types on the market, but they are super value for money when compared with (claimed) competing products and added to the long shelf life are frankly simply light years ahead of other products in this market. .




Microbe Lift Aqua Xtreme

Microbe lifts newest product, Aqua Xtreme represents the ultimate in water conditioners - it:-

  • Detoxifies Nitrite
  •  Removes & Detoxifies Chlorine & Ammonia
  •  Destroys Chloramines
  •  Detoxifies Copper & Heavy Metals
  •  Boosts Alkalinity (the KH or temporary hardness)
  •  Adds Essential Electrolytes
  • Adds A 3-Part Slime Coat Replacer
  •  Helps to Reduce Stress caused by immature and poor water
  • Instantly Ages Pond Water Works at ANY temperature.


This really is the COMPLETE  water conditioning product. Use whenever you add water to your pond - dose 100ml per 1250 litres.




Pack Size Price
1 Litre £17.95
4 Litre £42.50
 Microbe Lift AquaXtreme

Microbe Lift Clean and Clear

Microbe lift Clean and Clear is designed to more fully balance the ecology of a pond system, and helps to remove harmful odours. It speeds up the decomposition of sludge and other organic materials in the pond resulting in much cleaner, healthier water. It will resolve murky water problems and quickly return your pond water to a sparklingly clear state!

  • Creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growth
  • Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels
  • Dissolves away organic sludge
  • Seeds and maintains biological filters
  • Significantly reduces noxious odours caused by dead algae, fish faecal matter, and urine
  • Reduces hydrogen sulphide, which creates strong, offensive odours
  • Reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.)


Pack Size Price
1 Litre £20.95
4 Litre £59.50
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
  • Contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water by promoting flocculation and settling of organic and inorganic particles
  • Effective over a wide range of pH conditions

Microbe Lift Clean and Clear

Microbe Lift Sludge Away

Years in development, Microbe lift sludge away speeds up the removal of organic sludge which naturally builds up in any pond eco system, including in your filter system. Left unchecked sludge can be a source of significant growths of pathogenic bacteria and will spoil both mechanical and biological water quality. Containing a culture of various photosynthetic bacteria, Microbe lift sludge away will reduce sludge build up, improve water clarity and biological filter efficiency, reduces phosphates and works very quickly. Works at ANY temperature. Use over a 4 week period; dose 100ml per 1250 litres.




Pack Size Price
1 Litre £20.95
4 Litre £59.50
 Microbe Lift Sludge Away

Microbe Lift Super Start Filter Bacteria

Specially formulated for bead filters and polyproplene medias such as Kaldnes, Microbe lift super start is a culture of aerobic, facultative anerobes, plus photsynthetic and chemosynthetic organisms which ensure fast and healthy filter maturation. Helps reduce ammonia fast, helps break down residues from medications such as formalin (which inhibit bacterial growth) and keeps media clean by inhibiting sludge build up. Has massive shelf life of between 3 and 5 years, super efficient and virtually half the price of some well known filter starters. Works at ANY temperature Use over a 4 week period - dose 100ml per 2000 litres.




Pack Size Price
1 Litre £20.95
4 Litre £59.50
 Microbe Lift Super Filter Start Bacteria

Microbe Lift Filter Gel

Specially formulated for other types of medias such as foam, Japanese and matala matting, ceramic and loose pack medias, Microbe lift filtergel is a culture of aerobic, facultative anerobes, plus photsynthetic and chemosynthetic organisms which ensure fast and healthy filter maturation. Added to the gel are naturally occurring biopolymers which help the gel stay right where you want it - in the filter! Has massive shelf life of between 3 and 5 years, super efficient and virtually half the price of some well known filter starters. Works at ANY temperature.  For best results repeat application after cleaning out the filter to ensure maximum biological efficiency.




Pack Size Price
1 Litre2kg £20.95
 Microbe Lift Filter Gel

Microbe Lift Ammonia Remover

Microbe lift Ammonia remover is a life saver product which can be used to instantly lower and remove toxic Ammonia in a pond. It works by chemically converting the toxic form of Ammonia NH3 to the less harmful NH4. 1 Litre treats around 2,500 - 4000 gallons, depending on the levels of Ammonia present.




Pack Size Price
1 Litre £22.95
 Microbe Lift Ammonia Remover

Microbe Lift Nite Out

Microbe lift Nite out is a life saver product which can be used to instantly lower and remove toxic Nitrite in a pond. Nitrite poisons Koi by preventing the uptake of oxygen into the blood stream and is produced during the second stage of nitrification by filter bacteria..




Pack Size Price
500 ml £15.95
1 Litre £26.95
 Microbe Lift Nite Out

Microbe Lift pH Adjuster

Microbe lift pH adjuster (up or down) counters pH swings caused by acid rain and other environmental factors. The pH level of the pond water affects the pH of our Kois blood and Koi are very sensitive to sudden changes in the pH level of their environment. It is therefore vitally important to monitor and prevent rapid changes in pH levels, especially if you have relatively soft water, which is more prone to pH swings.


1 Litre treats around 2,500 - 4000 gallons, depending on the pH level



  • Formulated in de-ionised water
  • Includes 2 different pH adjusters for gentle effectiveness
  • Includes 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance
  • Contains a slime coat enhancer to increase skin protection and stress reduction
  • Contains a chelating agent to enhance water quality
  • safely alters the pH level as desired
  • Not harmful to fish or plant life


Pack Size Price
pH DOWN - 1 Litre £20.95
pH UP - 1 Litre £20.95
  • Add one ounce per 375 gallons of pond water for every 0.1 pH unit change desired.
  • Apply MICROBE-LIFT pH UP or Down in several steps and measure change in pH before next addition.
  • If your pond contains fish and/or plants, do not dramatically change your pH levels more than 0.5 pH unit in a 24 hour period, to avoid pH shock.
  • Example: When you have a 3000 litres pond and you want to decrease the from 7.9 to 7.5, add 240 ml Decreaser. Use this product in multiple steps to prevent major pH oscillations.

Microbe Lift Autumn/Winter Prep

Microbe lift Autumn / Winter prep helps accelerate the decomposition of leaves and other organic waste which is present in the pond over winter. Normal bacterial activity slows right down in cold water, but Autumn / Winter prep is a two pack system that contains cellulose enzymes, cellulose producing bacteria and special cold weather bacteria which work to break down organic waste fast even at very cold water temperatures. Autumn / Winter prep therefore prepares your pond for next Spring providing a really organically clean environment which will help kick start the filtration biomass in Spring.




Pack Size Price
1 Litre kit £20.95
4 Litre kit £59.50
 Microbe Lift Autumn/Winter Prep

Microbe Lift Thera P


Microbe lift TheraP is a non-chemical probiotic product and will reduce the population of pathogenic bacteria in the pond environment by rapidly removing their food source by decomposition. The added major benefit of any truly probiotic product, is that it also boosts the immune system of pond fish.


Added to these two important benefits, Thera P also speeds up and enables more rapid healing of skin and tissue damage after either a physical injury or as a result of damage caused by ulceration. This avoids the need in most cases for catching the affected fish to treat individually and we have found the results after using Thera P to be consistently very good.





Pack Size Price
1 Litre £23.95
4 Litre £63.50

It also directly helps to break down toxic Ammonia and Nitrite , and therefore assists with the maturation of the pond filter. It speeds up the decomposition of sludge and other organic materials in the pond which can otherwise provide a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. Thera P is a culture of aerobic, facultative anerobes, plus photsynthetic and chemosynthetic organisms and is in fact a complete pond eco system in a bottle!


1 Litre treats 20,000 litres or 4400 gallons, 4 Litre treats 80,000 litres or 17,000 gallons. Cannot be overdosed

 Microbe Lift Thera P

Microbe Lift Phosphate remover

The ultimate remedy in phosphate removal for fresh water. Use Microbe-Lift / Phosphate Remover for starting up a new pond. This guarantees low phosphate concentrations. To clear the pond from phosphate successfully, use Phosphate Remover regularly in new or existing “mature” ponds. MICROBE-LIFT/POND PHOSPHATE REMOVER is a polymeric blend with outstanding qualities, including the ability to tie-up large quantities of phosphate without negatively influencing the pond water in any way. Phosphate- caused by the decomposition of organic substances such as food surpluses, dead plant matter, and excretion. Although phosphate is a vital part, it is only damaging in higher concentrations. A phosphate concentration increase could lead to water quality problems. To solve problems caused by phosphate, it is recommended to keep the phosphate concentration in fresh water below 0.3 mg/ltr. Will not harm fish or plants.



Pack Size Price
1 Litre £28.95
4 Litre £63.95


  • Application: Use 30 ml Phosphate Remover per 400 litres of water
  • Depending on the water quality, the amount of organic- and fish waste, can remove between the 30 ml and 1 and 1,5 mg/ltr phosphate.
  • 1 litre treats up to 12000 litres of pond water.


Dechlorinator is designed to remove harmful Chlorine and Chloramines from tap water to render it safe for fish keeping. Harmless to fish and all pond life. Dose 10ml per 150 gallons. Use when initially filling your pond and when carrying out water changes.




Pack Size Price
1 Litre £16.00
 Standard dechlorinator


Lithaqua is calcified seaweed high in trace elements and carbonates which has a massive surface area and can be used in its own right as a calcium rich biological filter media. It also has many mineral properties which will enhance the mineral content of the pond water. In particular Lithaqua is used for raising and stabilising the KH , or carbonate hardness of the water so is especially useful in soft water areas. , as well as stabilizing pH 




Pack Size Price
5kg £20.50
10kg £38.50
25kg £59.50


The great tonic, and supportive treatment when treating koi for a wide variety of ailments, can be used as a dip and can be used to kill parasites and bacteria at high strength.Helps lessen the burden on the Koi’s osmoregulatory system (helps keep the koi’s fluid bodily level in balance).   Can be used with most chemical treatments, But DO NOT use with potassium permanganate, Formalin or chloramine T at more than 1/2 oz per gallon (0.33%).   Dose – For use as a general supportive treatment and ‘tonic’ – ½ ounce per gallon (0.33%). As a supportive when treating bacterial infection with other treatments, such as Acriflavine – ¾ ounce per gallon (0.50%). As a dip – 4 ounces per gallon (2.64%) for 10 - 15 minutes OR until the koi shows signs of distress – whichever is the shorter.


Warning. Should never be used with Anaesthsetics.


PDV salt (pure dried vacuum) has only one anti caking agent.


Please note that carriage of £14.95 per bag will always be applied to salt orders regardless of order value.


Pack Size Price
25kg PDV salt £9.50
 PDV salt

Cloverleaf Blanket weed answer

Cloverleaf blanket weed answer is the sure and safe way to rid your pond of blanket weed. Not a chemical, but a unique blend of minerals and enzymes that creates an environment unsuitable for blanket weed. Guaranteed to work every time. Completely safe for all aquatic life including pond plants. We recommend treatments every 3 months when blanket weed appears. In our opinion this product really is worthy of the name. The 0.8kg pack is sufficient for a single treatment of 2200 gallons of pond water.




Pack Size Price
800gm £18.95
2kg £34.50
4kg £59.95
 Cloverleaf Blanket weed answer

Aquasource Blanket weed resolve


The only Blanketweed treatment that reduces Phosphates, which contribute to blanketweed growth. Aqua Source Blanket Weed Resolve is completely free of Algaecides, ammonium compounds and metal salts. Harmless to animals and plants and will not affect filter bacteria. The pond water may turn slightly cloudy for 3-4 days, this is perfectly normal. As with all pond treatments, ensure that the pond is well oxygenated. A unique product that quickly eradicates unsightly blanketweed from your pond, when used as instructed.


Brand New Formula

Fast Acting

Completely Harmless to Fish, Plants and Wildlife

Reduces Phosphates

Works at low temperatures


Dosage  25g per 750 litres (165 gallons), added directly to the pond. UV Clarifier can be left on. Repeat dose every 10 days over 30 days, if necessary, then add one dose monthly to prevent reoccurrence. No need to mix in a bucket, simply sprinkle directly around the edges of your pond. Wash hands after use and keep away from children.




Pack Size Price
1kg £18.95
2kg £34.50
 Aquasource Blanket weed resolve

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